Kid 606
Why I Love Life

By Edward Blake

I’m sure there are many reasons why Kid 606 loves life, being able to make music all day for a living, having picked a name that gets attention from all the right people to ensure success. Being a lucky git basically. So why not write an EP about it to tell all the losers, right? I know what I’d do in that situation… I’d make a huge overblown rock monster, containing seven tracks of totally indulgent wank-noise that would show the world that I could do whatever the hell I wanted because I WAS KID 606 AND VERY, VERY SUCCESSFUL.

However, Young Mr 606 is quite clearly a normal bloke deep down and has instead made an EP containing seven tracks of echoing electronica that shine like a wet pavement in a New England autumn. He’s also called two of the tracks Sad Motherfucker, implying that he read this review before making them. 
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