Meme Tunes

By Miles Hawthorn

After the success of their limited but excellent seven-inch series, including Baud and Unary from Benge himself, Expanding Records release the artist’s first album since Silicon Valleys came out on Quatermass in 1999.

It’s another sublime and highly original offering from one of the leaders in the field, composed of dreamy neo-classical textures and soft, gurgling beats. Adam-Age Loneliness is the sound of machinery unwinding, stretching out as the cogs and pistons glide to a halt. This theme of sonic relaxation is continued throughout as stirring analogue and epicurean digital sounds wash over the delicate but precise beats. At times the cinematic execution here means you could imagine it playing over a movie scene of great tenderness.

There is also a booklet that illustrates how Benge randomly chose the track titles according to when and how they were recorded, although they all seem to fit the prevailing mood perfectly.

A highly accomplished and visionary album.
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