Various Artists
Cocoon Compilation C

By Andy Rantzen

Sven Vath and Pauli Steinbach have pulled together another impressive roster of artists for this, the third Cocoon compilation. Steve Rachmad, Funk D’Void, Alter Ego, Dirk Diggler, Stanny Franssen and others stick to the techno blueprint but lean in the direction of tech-house from time to time, trapping little housey snippets in one bar loops like sadistic children capturing and bottling house flies.

Among the indifferently clean and competent DJ tracks is a genuine oddity, Gennaro Le Fosse’s Fear Factor, a properly insane slab of mutant disco. A freaked out octave bassline and murky drum loop is almost completely swamped by a menacing background hubbub, through which great swooping arcs of phasers plunge, punctuated by evil B-grade laughter.
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