Various Artists
DJ Godfather - Ghetto Tech Detroit

By Motorboy

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Detroit is simply about looped, melodic techno and Drexcyian electro, for there is a much rawer street sound. Ghetto tech combines the pre-techno sounds of hip hop, electro and Miami bass and mixes them with influences from Detroit techno, jungle and jackin’ Chicago house. DJ Godfather, along with DJ Assault, have with their mixes and respective labels done more to push this sound and style than anybody, emerging quite rightly as the scene leaders.

This mix CD for Urban Substance – DJ Godfather’s first for a UK label – is a typically raw representation of DJ Godfather’s breakneck mixing style – fast, furious and energetic. He skillfully blends 38 booty-shaking tracks into 48 minutes, cramming the mix with the polished hip-hop techniques that have thrilled crowds the world over and helped mark him as a DJ worth seeing. Featuring most of the scene’s biggest players, with many contributing multiple tracks, the likes of DJ Deeon, DJ Assault, Disco D, DJ Slugo and Erotek appear throughout the mix, while DJ Godfather finds space to squeeze in nine of his own tracks too.

Ghetto Tech Detroit
suffers a little as all the tracks are of exactly the same style giving few surprises, but it is expertly mixed and easily stands alongside DJ Assault’s digitally mixed Off the Chain for the Y2K as a definitive example of ghetto tech’s musical and mixing style.
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