Underground Superstardom

By Edward Blake

Panacea is best known for his incendiary jungle releases that were ripping the genre into a screaming riffgasm long before the overall tone of jungle went dark and growling. For this album however, Panacea has made a 'pop' album, by his standards of course. This is a hybrid of rave, modern hoover gabba-jungle and Prodigy style pop leanings. The use of samples is, I'm guessing, intentionally cheesy and referential to the golden age of rave. Expect to hear Diva's screaming 'Burning like fire, gonna take you higher!!!', and Pinky and Perky voices telling you 'We're gonna rock it, don't stop it!!!' Jesus, by track two we've even had Ofra Haza doing her 'Iminin-a-a-loo' thing.

It's all good fun and taken with a pinch of salt it's undeniably very professional music. But you can't help but view the whole thing as a misguided joke. Progressive it ain't.
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