Various Artists
Dave Tarrida Plays Records

By Edward Blake

The lovely Mr Tarrida pulls out a crop of fresh wonk techno and classic darkcore rave to whip up one hell of a mix album. The pace starts of subtle and funky with Tobias Schmidt's Make Me and Smash TV's I Love You No before picking up pace and dropping into recent classics like Digital Princezz's club-smash Out of Focus and Mick Will's is-it-trance-or-is-techno stomper Kill! Kill! From here on in things take a rougher turn with classic producers such as The Mover and Subhead taking things up a step into the sort of techy rave sound that Tarrida loves to play. The whole thing is very artfully selected, competently mixed and probably the best album to enjoy bombing around Europe on your festival travels this (and next) summer.
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