Various Artists
Welcome To My World

By Motorboy

I’ve been a big fan of Irritant ever since I heard their first (10”) compilation release and this, their latest (third) compilation treads similar ground, boasting 20 tracks of drill 'n' bass, noisecore and gabba combined with twisted lo-fi pop and generally fucked electronica.

The comp features longstanding (by Irritant standards) producers such as Canada’s Knifehandchop – in a rare sombre mode, Berlin’s Frederik Schikowski – with another lo-fi pop gem, loving created on a toy Yamaha keyboard, and Leeds’ Printed Circuit – who remixes her recent 7” I Heart My Jen Sexy into a more emotionally charged, almost electroclash number. There’s also a host of current and forthcoming producers: Mascara-Sue decides to combine 1960’s sing-a-long pop with white noise, while the hotly tipped Captain Ahab comes across as a kind of Aphex meets Skanform – with an effects-heavy drum & bass love song with twee vocoder vocals (sounds suspect but it works!). Noize Creator also appears with a raucous and perverse take on MC Hammer that’s sure to please fans of Venetian Snares, Kid 606, etc.

It would be great to rave on about the inventiveness of the whole album but there’s tons of this stuff around at the moment – and some of the tracks do tend to sound like B-sides or album fillers rather than killer tracks in their own right. But then again that’s perhaps testament to the overall quality of stuff around at the moment as much as anything else.
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