Various Artists
Compilation 2

By Miles Hawthorn

Music for Speakers operate at a different tangent to most, consistently producing intricate and authentic music that tests new rhythmic structures. The sound is generally broken beats with soothing Sunday morning melodies, although there are often generous helpings of sub-bass and some severely distressed beats. Time signatures are explored – the first Aardvarck offering is in 5/4 – and most tracks have very jagged and disrupted patterns in their beat construction. This lends the album a stuttering and disconcerting feel that I am still not sure about. There is no doubt there is some real craft at work here, and there are not a lot of people ploughing this particular furrow. However I was left feeling like a ball bearing on a flat surface after this – kind of lost and dislocated. There is much to recommend on here though, Sandor Caron, Madcap and Sonar Lodge stood out for me, but I just at times wanted a bit more fluidity to the music.
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