Various Artists
Sonar 2002

By Miles Hawthorn

This is a double compilation showcasing the highlights from this year's episode of the world's most important and influential electronic music festival. One CD is dedicated to the acts that graced the daytime events and the other features artists that rocked the nighttime parties.

Now I have not been to Sonar yet and maybe I was expecting too much but this compilation left me feeling slightly underwhelmed. That's not to say that this is not good, I think I was expecting just a little more. On the Daytime CD there are good tracks from the likes of Thomas Brinkmann (under his Soul Center alias), Static from City Center Offices, Bomb the Bass meets Lali Puna, Yo La Tengo and Jeff Mills (in an Every Dog Has Its Day style). Nighttime starts off in slinky house mode with tracks from Wagon Cookin, Luomo, FK and the rather good You Me + Us by Brooks. From then on it's straight ahead bangers broken up by Si Begg doing a Noodles-styled track and DJ Hell doing his retro thing. I also noticed most of the tracks on here utilise vocals/vocal samples or spoken word overlays, methinks this is a growing trend.

I don't know whether artists held back their best stuff or whether it would be different if I had been there this summer but I expected to be blown away by this and wasn't. One thing for sure though, they haven't lost their sense of humour. Last year's compilation was adorned with pictures of people who had pissed themselves; this year it is the turn of Diego Maradona. Nice.
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