Mitte Karaoke

By Miles Hawthorn

Bit of a strange one this. First up I was drawn in by the quirky and unpretentious nature of the first track here, but then thrown off this by the nasty German vocals in track two. I had a quick glance at the title and thought 'oh my god, they really have just made tracks and asked some random bloke to warble over the top'. From then on a pattern emerged: odd, inventive, pigeonhole-avoiding tunes but occasionally with some horrible undecipherable German singing on.

There are some great ideas on here; lo-fi click electronics rub shoulders with acid-tinged housey piano numbers and pure poppy funk. Track nine even sounds vaguely like an old 1991 hardcore tune. This never loses its sense of fun and that is admirable, but is a bit too all over the shop for me – and although the lyrics are probably amusing if you understand German, I don't, which makes them simply annoying.
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