Various Artists
Day By Day

By Miles Hawthorn

Cementing their position as the foremost outlet of exquisite electronic music, Delsin release their second CD compilation. Delsin are making me run out of superlatives with which to describe their music. From sumptuous house rhythms to broken up beat experiments to spacey Detroit techno, this is a selection of the finest tracks currently gracing the finest decks. A glance at the list of artists, Optic Nerve, New World Aquarium, Strand, Stinkworx and Dimension 5 shows that not only are Delsin fine A&R people but they also manage to get great tracks from established artists. It is a diverse collection united by one common thread: soul. This simply oozes from each track and for those lamenting a dearth of new melodic techno this is the best label to check out. Quality stuff that is setting the standard right now.
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