Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks

By Miles Hawthorn

Celebrating a double century of releases Tresor have really pulled out all the stops for this one. Basic Channel, arguably one of techno music's most mythical and legendary recording acts, who were responsible for a series of nine genre-defining releases, have allowed their tracks to be remodelled by fellow Berlin artists Scion (aka Substance and Vainquer from Chain Reaction) using a brand new piece of kit, Ableton Live.

For those familiar with the Basic Channel sound this is a timely reminder of just how special they were. Mixing up dub sounds and ideas with techno they created a collage of sound which was all consuming, powerful and deep as the Mariana Trench. Scion have reconstructed the clubbier tracks from these records into a perfect set with a beginning, a middle and an end. Technical wizardry means that the 55 minutes here encompasses peaks and pulls, ins and outs and inside outs. When Phylyps Trak drops (the start of track five), it is absolutely thundering.

Although this is old music, it still manages to sound futuristic as hell; you get totally immersed in the size and scope of the sound as all the elements fuse together so perfectly that as one part slides out and the next slides in you are constantly mesmerised. This is not only a fantastic demonstration of the Ableton software but also of the ability of Scion and the genius of Basic Channel.
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