By Elizabeth Wells

Nitrada, aka Christophe Stoll, claims he does not prioritise sound over image, and to demonstrate this aesthetic he has had different artists interpret each track on this album as an image or 'movie'. This is an interesting idea, though I am not sure I concur that 0+ reminds the listener of a soundtrack to a film. Soundscapes range from the chunky opener Theme 1 – whose crunchy textures are reminiscent of a machine churning out factory parts – to the slightly psychedelic leanings of Le Chien Qui Mange La Rue (which translates as the dog who ate the road?!), which delivers warm analogue tones punctuated by ping-pong style beats.

Certainly this is an eclectic collection in which Stoll tries his hand at a few different styles on the avant-garde electronic spectrum. The only time he does – in my estimation – approach a cinematic style is in the gorgeous Just Close Your Eyes. With its gentle static, lovely downbeat filtered melodies and fuzzy beats, this approximates the nostalgic summery doodlings of an outfit like Casino vs Japan. Similarly the exit track Love Me would not be out of place on a City Centre Offices release. With its glitchy, itchy rhythms and featuring the pleadings of an idiosyncratic and slightly spooky vocodered voice, 0+ closes on a definite poppy and anthemic mood.
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