Hakan Lidbo

By Andy Rantzen

Hakan Lidbo is currently working with 80s filmic electronic pioneers Yello, and shares their filmic aesthetic. The mood is blue-black and lucidly eerie. Although there are separate track markers throughout the recording, it is really one long track built around a simple modal figure that would be mildly morose if it wasn't for the luxuriant patterns of swirls, bleeps and tiny polyrhythmic knocking sounds that dance around it. Occasionally, the grooves rear up like a dark wave that really swings, before devolving restlessly into their component parts again.

The piece is subliminally erotic, and seems to be constantly on the move, yet, paradoxically, almost everything memorable returns into the mix at regular intervals: the melody, a vocodered voice figure, a microscopic shaker that's as small and rough as a miniature kitten's tongue. It owes a little to the click and cut brigade, but is more luxuriant and acidic than that; it has the neon-lit inky darkness of Kraftwerk's Electric Café, but is more subconscious than that; the half-followed melodic detritus in which the busy little rhythms eddy is reminiscent of Pole. This record is wholly rhythmic in its ambience, and as discretely funky as ambience can be.
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