Various Artists
The Advent presents: Recreations 1 and Recreations 2

By Andy Rantzen

Cisco Ferreira has put out fourteen Advent 12" singles on Kombination Research and Recreations 1 (to be released at the end of September) and Recreations 2 (end of October) comprise remixes of these releases by various artists from Europe and the US.

It's an impressive roster of remixers – Adam Beyer, Damon Wild, Rino Cerrone, Marco Carola, Regis, Umek, Steve Rachmad, Mike Dearborn, Chris Leibing and Mark Broom among others. What we have here is exemplary state of the art techno in the literal rather than the superlative sense. Throughout, one bar polyrhythmic effect/drum loops are bounced along by pacy, thudding 909 kicks, papery hats and discrete percussion, all melded together into a 4/4 recurring groove that is dense, smooth and compressed, and always effortlessly propulsive. The 909 ride appears discretely from time to time to hustle things along, and a serious, modernist vibe holds sway over all. The production standards are of course uniformly excellent.

Within the format, Gaetano Parisio, who figures with 2 remixes on Recreations 1, gives his mixes a delicate, dreamlike house patina, while, on Recreations 2, Karl O'Connor, as Regis, plays well within himself on a relaxed and funky minimal groove. Umek proves once again (as if Laibach wasn't example enough) that Slovenians aren't afraid to rock really hard, with another of his patented post-rave buzzy techno bouncers. Many of the other tracks, darkly inscrutable, roll past like a train in the night.
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