Various Artists
Staedtizism 3: Instrumentals

By Miles Hawthorn

Hip hop is becoming increasingly popular within more typically 'electronic' circles nowadays; witness the launch of Warp's Lex imprint, Carl Craig's hip hop label, Schematic and Beta Bodega. This album takes the blueprint of old skool hip hop and asks modern day electronica producers to add their own twist to the formula. Most of the compilation takes a fairly introspective angle on proceedings, which is understandable considering the instrumental nature of the music on here. However my favourite moments are when things really get going, like Kit Clayton's cut up computer meltdown, John Tejada's traditional scratch attack on Cyberspace Visual and particularly Cappablack's mathematics-inspired sonic headspin. Of the more horizontal stuff there are great offerings from Thomas Fehlmann who checks in somewhere between weird funk and slo-mo jazz, while Dan Bell adds a Detroit vibe to the mix. Although the modern day production geniuses of R&B still technically have it all, this shows that these guys still have a few tricks up their sleeves.
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