Aril Brikha
Deeparture In Time

By Edward Blake

I've often thought that people's love affair with electronic music largely comes from the fact that we are surrounded by so many hideous, cheap, painful electronic sounds in our everyday lives. From the incessant squalling of mobile phones to the doomsday wailing of police sirens – even the bloody cash register bleep can send a person's ears to distraction and the brain to thought's of beautiful, blitzed silence.

But times are changing. Some mobile phones now have much nicer soft fuzzy chimes, which still sound pretty turgid but are a definite move in the right direction. And the point? Well, this album reminds me of those new mobile phone chimes and it's not hard top believe that in two years time we'll all have loungy Detroit electro like this coming out of our phones, PCs, TVs, and personal house cleaning droids. All it would take is for the price of music hardware components to come down a bit and you could have them make up music for you as they go about their other chores. Sod all this copyright crap with Napster and all that. Eclipse the whole problem by having machines make up the music for you on the spot. Any old program could convincingly knock up the collection of delayed stabs and breathy swoops that this album consists of.

Anyway, rant over – be objective. This is quite a nice album I guess, 'nice' in the good and bad ways. It's groovy and moody but also schmoozy and definitely not boozy – big minus points. I could play it to my mum and she'd just look puzzled and say, 'this is that stuff they play in elevators isn't it?' – and for once, my mum would have a point.
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