Trans-Dimensional Voice
Inside the Outside

By Edward Blake

Gothic trance. Just makes you want to snigger until you fit doesn't it. Stomping on you with all the force of a 17-year-old called Alison with orange and yellow hair, 50 grams of body-piercings and not much else on her speed-ravaged body. The first three track titles are called thus: 1) Temptation; 2)  Frustration; 3) Restoration.

1) Temptation
I am severely tempted to turn this awful dross off after about 30 seconds.

2) Frustration
Track two, and what tiny bit of honour I have has kicked in and told me to give this a fair go before I rip it out of the CD player and burn it in acid. The rest of my body is screaming bloody hell-fire at me... this is definitely frustrating.

3) Restoration
I turn the CD off. My sanity is restored.
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