AKA The Original Master

By Edward Blake

A full mix of Capone's prolific output on the best no-frills jungle label around. I always thought Capone was Dillinja for some reason (that's because he is – Ed), but who cares who it is – just revel in the absurdly up-front party bass going down on this CD.

Capone takes raw elements and recognisable samples to make refreshingly open music – a kind of dark version of old Omni Trio. Being an old jungle kid myself I can't help but go for the older stuff more – these are the tunes that would really work crowds into a state of excitement before the newest sci-fi 'oh-my-god-the-world-is-ending!!!' amen-frenzy hoover-bass dubplate was dropped. It's a bit of a shame there's an MC on this mix; he does a good enough job – just introducing new tracks and not rattling on about his shopping list, but the bit at the beginning where he welcomes us to the music and especially all the new skool (eg school kids) makes me feel very old.

Remembering that I love stuff like this makes me realise I'm not though.
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