Various Artists
Stanny Franssen - Zenit CD Mix 1

By Low Life

Best known in the UK for consistent quality productions in G-Force guise, the Flemish techno don downs tools to prove that he also creates havoc behind a deck or three. Most I’m sure will agree that mix CDs fail to create much of an atmosphere, often sounding clinical and soulless – despite the fact that the mixing may well be technically perfect. Frannsen manages to hit the nail right on the head with this energy packed rollercoaster ride through heavyweight territory. Play it through a decent system, close your eyes and you could be at Atomic Jam on one of their better nights. It’s tough from the outset, starting as it means to go on, the mixing is great and filters are added to good effect. The track selection really holds it together, though Gaetek’s South Soul track does sound a little bit weak late on in the mix. Overall this is an inspiring CD and it’s got me itching to see the man play.
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