On Earth

By Elizabeth Wells

Gadgets is Italian-born Corrado Izzo and Finn Tatu Metsatahti, and their speciality seems to lie in the creation of warm, spacey techno, with a definite lean towards old school Detroit techniques.

Both artists are interested in getting back to the emotional roots of techno, and hence there is an inevitable tendency to return to a slightly nostalgic attitude towards production. This can be heard in tracks such as Gendis Sl with its electric strings instrumentation, and the nice crunchy, textured bass of Them Woman, which is reminiscent of a mid-90s Detroit techno flavour a la Model 500, say.

But Gadgets is by no means a one-trick pony, and their emotive techno also picks up on jazz-house, beatless ambient pieces (as on the lovely last track, Gendis Am) and the dubby echoes of System Reverse. My recommended track is Outer Jazz, a harder electro-influenced piece that manages to emulate a Detroit funky techno groove but with up-to-date digital glitch as the medium, giving it a welcome edge.

Gadgets are good at creating wide open spaces for their forays into techno soundscapes and so their ability to combine funkiness with moving arrangements is no mean feat.
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