Various Artists
Red Snapper: It's All Good

By Elizabeth Wells

It’s a shame that Red Snapper’s first compilation should also be their last. As fans are aware, Red Snapper have recently split, though one of the hard core of three, Richard Thair, is soon to form half of Toob, a new partnership with Jake One, whose Jenna is an exclusive track to this album.

The compilation serves as a great introduction to much of the musical innovation that’s coming out of the electronic scene at the moment; in fact I’d dearly like to force feed it to anyone currently contemplating whether to buy the latest Ministry of Sound collection- that would sort out the men from the boys, so to speak. The collection ranges from the bizarre electro-blues culture clash of His Name is Alive mixed by Ectomorph, to the powerful frequency modulation of Weatherall and Tenniswood’s Aramcheck project, whose broken beat groove is punctuated by a Kraftwerk-meets-Cabaret Voltaire speak-n-spell sample. It also takes in Detroit-flavoured house, African rhythms and Latin jazz along the way. Other highlights are Prefuse 73’s wonderfully seductive yet edgy Nuno which sets just the right tone somewhere between laidback jazz and crunchy hip hop textures, cutting between the two as if the CD’s jamming. Also watch out for Susumo Yokota’s classical piano jazz on King Dragonfly which sounds like one of Liszt’s piano waltzes has suddenly discovered big beats and is just so happy about it it’s leaping up and down the scale. Overall this is a really great package, and worth spending your pennies on.
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