Anaal Nathrakh

By Edward Blake

Having gained an enviable position as black metallers who don’t suffer any of the trappings of said genre (corpse paint, painfully funny dark ‘attitude’, involvement in dodgy activities) Anaal Nathrakh have developed a respect within the metal community based around the excellence of their musical output and the consistency of their tongue-in-cheek view-point.

sees the core members of The Irrumator and V.I.T.R.I.O.L. joined by Shane Embry of Napalm Death on bass and revered BM vocalist Attila Csihar for an album that moves increasingly into grind/BM crossover. Like previous album Et Dominus, there are still ‘anthemic’ chorus-lines and widdly solos, but these are combined with a new focus on heads-down hyper-blast riffing with sub-satanic grunting vocals — and the album is all the better for it.

There seriously isn’t much else out there to match this for intensely satisfying, intelligently misanthropic sick-core music. And to boot what you’re getting is basically, deep down, a PARTY album… It’s so packed full of enthusiasm and energy that at times it’s hard not to imagine you’re actually listening to an inverted Dragonforce on a mixture of crystal meth and glue. Buy whatever you’re into.
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