By Mary Skillet

I never fancied seeing a Pole set whilst standing up really but with his new, more hip hop direction, Plastic People was the ideal place to host his ultra wide sonics and organic sounding bass. The portly dub monger was hard at work from the first crackle and leaped between laptop, keyboard and mixer repeatedly, tweaking the sound constantly whilst dropping in live synth riffs and his trademark melodica. Fat Jon’s silky and poetic delivery really worked live – his voice sounding almost studio treated in clarity. No one can accuse Pole of sitting on his sound – a real change in flex. The new album Pole - out now – will make interesting listening.

The Bug – aka “musical comedian Bill Bailey”/Kevin Martin – and his ‘Team Bug’ MCs played two improvised DJ/PA sets directly before and after Pole. The before bit was a chance for some chilled but playful rhyming over ragga instrumentals while after Pole he truly brought the house down with an anticipated dose of nosebleed before knocking it back in time for some forward-thinking hip-hop beats from Lex Records’ Tom. Always fr-e-e-sh. That system loves bass. Bring it on.
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