Rob Acid

By Edward Blake

So I’m sitting in front of my computer typing up some reviews, feeling a bit downhearted about the whole thing, when all of a sudden Jesus Christ appears in the room. After the initial shock, I asked him why he had no clothes on, and apparently that’s just how it’s done in Heaven. Nice. Anyway, he dropped off a white label of the new track by legendary techno producer Rob Acid and told me “Verily, this is what the most rockingest DJs are caning in all the best clubs in Heaven'. Before I could ask how much a pint costs, he’d gone in a puff of smoke. So I put the tune on and fuck me if he wasn’t right. This is a total banger. A twisty stormer of a track that’s not doing anything new, but is doing it in the most fucking brilliant way imaginable. So I thought, “I know, I’ll top myself and then I too can enjoy the sound of his awesome tune in a club in Heaven.” Fortunately though EastEnders came on and I forgot all about it.
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