Various Artists

By Edward Blake

‘A breaks journey’ says the CD. I groan under my breath and lie down on my bed prepared for another uneasy journey through ‘funky’ as envisioned by 20-something Hoxton hoorays. And by jove, that’s what I got. By track three I was watching the TV with the sound down. By track 6 I had the sound on… and to make matters worse I was watching Watercolour Challenge. The enticing hands of sleep were stroking my bits and I was ready to get Jeeves to blow the candles out in Blake mansions, when all of a sudden, things picked up. Beber’s Chief Rocka seemed to hit the spot (not a difficult task after the first half an hour) by being a bit more angular, and then Mr Scruff comes along with a totally cheesy, but very well done slice of swing-band disco. Mind you if I heard it on it’s own on one side of a twelve inch, I’d probably smash it on the spot. After that things seem to get more uplifting and interesting, but I can’t help but feel that I’m being conned into feeling so. Like the CD case has a very fine film of LSD on it which has made me more open to wibbly nothings.
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