Various Artists
Hotel Stadt Berlin

By Miles Hawthorn

After Detroit, Berlin is probably the second most 'techno-associated' city, and this is a showcase of six of its newest and most forward thinking labels; ADSR, City Centre Offices, Din, Hey, Lux Nigra and Morr Music. From these labels come a host of familiar names: Skanfrom, Arovane, Christian Kleine and Isan. It is a pretty mixed bag on offer here though, from the ADSR opening of retro synth action complete with arcade game sonics and disco loops, eighties pop music and bontempi organs to the minimal patchwork rhythms and serious electronica of City Centre Offices and Din. I must admit that the accordion-led dub with breathy foreign singing on it of Hey did nothing me, but the warm and organic sounds of Morr music are beautiful, spacey and subtle gems. In conclusion, there will be something here for everyone, and seeing as I believe it is due to be released at a bargain price it is a great way to check out the best of the new talent from Berlin.
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