Various Artists
Go Global

By Edward Blake

Jungle seems to be undergoing something of a quiet renaissance recently, not that the hordes of sweaty clubbers who frequent the ultra-popular jungle nights throughout the country would agree it ever went away. But with the sounds of urban badboy car stereos increasingly pumping out super fast beats and bass, presumably in reaction to garage’s nose-dive into commerciality and the domination of the scene by those naughty So Solid boys (a word of advice, try more fibre).

And with this release it’s not hard to see why people are returning to the UK’s most recently truly innovative music form – jungle is back on track it seems. The domination of 2-steppin’ sci-tek horror-core that flooded the scene after 96 has matured into a hybrid of old skool beats and dark atmospherics, fused with the quirky production styles that made the music such an ear-shaking prospect in the early 90s. Here current scene ambassadors Lemon D and Dillinja turn in tracks proving they have justly earned their position at the top (aided by taking their Valve sound system on the road), whilst a host of young upstarts complement the package with banging boogyizm.
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