Various Artists
Watch For Tsunami When You Feel Earth Quake

By Edward Blake

Leaf release another tasty taster album with artists old and new, but all very wigged out. The overall ambience behind the CD is drowsily rural. A Small Good Thing’s opening track echoes Spaghetti Western soundtracks whilst being wined and dined in Rome, Susumo Yokoto fuses his disco and ambient leanings into a wuzzy head-stomper, and Gorodisch turns in a nice campfire strum-a-long, with beguiling Motown-style drum panning. However, there’s also some clicky-poppy-edit binges that spoil the pace of the CD. A small point I guess, given that this is only a sampler CD type thingy, but it feels like an album (Leaf is probably one of the definitive album labels of our times) and I’d have a much better time if I didn’t have to listen to spiky sample collages in amongst all the ‘proper’ music. Not that there’s not a time and a place for it, cos there is. I just wish it wasn’t here.
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