Aoki Takamasa/Silicom
Silicom Two

By Elizabeth Wells

This is a curious little gem: well-crafted, precise, somewhat abstract, then in other places deals out some quite conventional 4/4 techno.

Silicom are a young Kyoto-based duo producing 'a new vision and combination of sound and visuals from a totally new standpoint', apparently. A pretty large claim, and although not entirely justified, seeing as some of it is reminiscent of Autechre's EP 7 circa 1999, it does make an interesting foray into the arcane realms of glitch-based electronica.

Exp. 2 focuses attention on one drum noise put through various effects, and the sound of it mutating through various stretches and reverbs is quite hypnotic. The same kind of thing happens on Exp. though here the drum is muted to a random shuffle and provides the percussion to a rather sinister bell-like wash in the background. More traditional tracks with drum 'n' bass overtones and sampled children's voices sit well with the more avant-garde experiments on offer. Noises such as mutterings from a malfunctioning computer or a fax machine are crystal clear and understated and add to the overall futuristic sound of what promises to be a name to look out for.
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