Various Artists
Kicking Ass and Sucking Gas

By Elizabeth Wells

This tasty little morsel from Germany's RUC records showcases four artists, all of whom have their own particular spin on contemporary electronic breakbeat. That is to say, not much of it actually resembles breakbeat as such (apart from Spinform's Web of Resistance and Urban Legends), rather it is used sparingly to lend cosmetic texture to some juicy, bouncy compositions, such as Slyboots' lovely opener Fisherman and the cheeky Warriors on the Sly. The direction changes with the acoustic dub-tinged Dommatosk Full by Pro-Seed, featuring some great rhythmic twanging guitar, and Boulderdash's melancholic Casio Kid, with its synth washes and sinister child's vocal samples summoning up a deliciously spooky sense of alienation. Been playing this compilation loads since I got it, and will be keeping an eye out for further releases.
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