Prince Of Shampoo

By Edward Blake

With a name like that and a sound as earth-shatteringly bad as this, it’s hard not to start playing around with the letters. I don’t know who’s responsible for this tosh but I’d seriously like to have a laugh at them as they fop around a club under the impression that acting like a lounge-living toff is cool.

Maybe I’m missing the point, but this whole dandycore scene just doesn’t pump my nads – okay, I liked the Fort Lauderdale album, so it’s not like the whole idea is anathema to me… It’s not a million miles away from the high-life drugged out sound of Spiritualized at the end of the day. But this conjures up only images of public-school boy twats with nothing better to do than make music to express how little they have to do during the day.

I’ll be honest here and say that I did not make it past track four of Prince of Shampoo – but I really can’t bring myself to put it back in the CD player. God only knows how the label staff sleep at night.
Dave Cnut posted 12 March 2007 (09:32:37)
Oooof! Well I suppose we'd better say thanks for our worst review ever! We kind of do our own thing - shame you didn't like but it's not for everyone! Interestingly this review came up tops when I looked us up ( I needed to find out the date the album came out) and gave me a huge giggle. I hope you've put many nice cups of coffee on it. : ) Thanks
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