If Then Else

By Edward Blake

Galleon ships of days gone by tended not to have hi-fi systems on them, but if they did I think this may have been a popular choice with the crew. Pause is an album of floating horizon-staring electronic dub, too far out to be generic but too familiar to be groundbreaking, it would compliment months of drifting in the pacific ocean with its soothing bubbles of audio and make scrubbing the deck seem like a mellow task.

The man behind If Then Else recently did a stretch for possession of pot (I know, this is America we’re talking about here…) so maybe the incarceration helped to inspire the atmosphere of content solitude – I guess he had no choice, and with a track title like Missing My Bong, you can tell some of the joy of being back in the real (ahem…) world has rubbed off on this album too. Sliding from dark opening tracks into a variety of perspective frazzled bleeps and happy-go-lucky melodies, this is definitely a rare USA IDM release in that it actually has personality behind it, but there’s none of the anguish present that could make this music much more engaging for the listener – just a desire to switch off in a very mellow way.
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