Pressure Point

By Edward Blake

The press release says that the Freestlyers have tried to take their sound from “clubland to the next level – the sound of future rave”. Well, to these ears it sounds like the only raves these kids ever went to were their slightly dodgy Uncle Dave’s mobile disco. Everything about this record stinks – every break is clean and clichéd, the vocals are more Cheggers Plays Pop than Dancehall Madness and a myriad of tired sample CD sounds are dragged out of retirement to creak their saggy shapes into some form of modern music. Like flicking through the radio dial on a Saturday night at 8pm, this is a totally depressing affair that reminds you of what is totally evil about the potential for creating music.

Mind you, after eight pints I’d be rocking to it like a total nutter. Come and play down my local, Freestylers, and we’ll see if I’m right.
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