Single Unit
Family Of Forces

By Edward Blake

Holy shit! Somewhere along the way the free-jazz hardcore sound has become the domain of the sound-editor and the result is simply genius-mentalism. Coming from a death metal background, Are Mokkelbost has taken to chopping punky grinding grooves into a perfectly realised sonic chaos and embellished it all with the most over-the-top tacky gothic keyboard hell imaginable. It’s a motherfucker of ride and one I intend to take many more times – like a psychotic cartoon ghost train travelling at 200 mph across 30 miles of track. Fans of Naked City and Boredoms etc will be somewhat prepared for the sheer audio heaven that awaits them – the rest of you may have to spend some time coming to terms with what is undoubtedly the future of music.

Am I going over the top? Who…me, who gave DJ Bustnuts and the Funky Four their first taste of critical acclaim? Well, at the risk of having said this all too frequently and been totally wrong – this IS the best album ever made.
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