Various Artists
Richard Sen Presents Powercuts

By Edward Blake

I didn’t really dig this year’s Bronx Dogs album, but I know people who did – it was one of those albums that sounded like the makers had really good taste in music, but didn’t quite know how to tie in all the influences together. So it’s interesting to hear an album of tracks selected by one of the Dogs to see where they’re coming from. And blow me if it isn’t, well – computer game electro, I guess. It’s all good music and reminds me of marvel comics and old arcade machines, but after a while it all starts to sound in the same key – and the 808 is so omnipresent you wonder what happened to the sampler, the beat’s best friend. Even a remix of New Order’s Confusion doesn’t manage to do any good to the cause. It’s down to Cybotron’s R9 to bring some much needed darkness to the mix and ease the cheese.
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