Various Artists

By Miles Hawthorn

Not a lot of info with this one but very nicely packaged with great attention to detail, and the same can be said about the music. This is one meaty compilation comprising crunchy and cool electronica that stretches the fundamentals of sound and noise in all directions. The most enchanting and lush melodies are juxtaposed with the howl of machinery and some serious washing machine beats. EU gives us modern day Autechre-isms, all rolling beat trickery and ghostly harmonics. Metamatics' track is a lament that sounds like Stephen Hawking crying while the Boy Lucas creates crackling interference and static with mashed up telephone conversations and sublime melodies. Com.A adds a real industrial rocker with an ultra fast robot rap and Quinoline Yellow's track is brain damage on wax, rapier-like bursts of electric noise with explosive percussive blips.

There are 14 tracks in all, from the unknown to the more prolific artists, and each does their thing with impunity. This for me is more accessible than most at the moment and perfectly showcases the amount of modern day talent there is about. Highly recommended not just to fans of Skam and their ilk but to anyone into quality sounds, this is cutting edge music that surprises and enthrals more with every listen.
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