Welcome to Spannered’s music feature and review archive. What’s in here then? Well, since the site was launched in 2006, Spannered has run in-depth interviews with globetrotting tastemakers Kode9DJ Ripley and Maga Bo, tripped over to Barcelona's Sónar festival, fallen over at the first ever Bloc Weekend, toured New York's global music circuit and gotten tinnitus in Bristol and São Paulo.
Spannered's archive stretches all the way back to 2000, however. Have a dig about and you'll unearth interviews and features with Jeff Mills and Photek, write-ups of Cat Power and Caribou gigs, and album reviews spanning Aphex Twin to NoMeansNo.
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A pretty satisfying combination of solid clockwork crunches and an unsettling, unsettled undertow.
Pick up sticks. Briefly. Let them begin to tap against brick and stone, to combine into forward rhythm. And as they begin to coalesce, let them...
Although of clear benefit to bedroom-twiddlers around the world, the affordability of compositional software is something of a double-edged skillet....
Snares continues to show the electronic music world who's boss and grimly reaps where no man has reaped before.
Every once in a while, a release wings in from the middle of an unknown somewhere and drops sparkling surprises on your ears. Unanticipated,...
Hymie's Basement are Andrew Broder of Fog (Ninja Tune) and Jonathan Wolf of cLOUDDEAD (Anticon) fame. Their weird, quiet album of mostly short songs...
Not so much Millenium Metaphors as sophomore similes, Phi Life Cypher return with their second attempt to break the record for the number...
The brand new Roots Manuva is back. His own earlier work has served to create the unique taste by which this album is to be enjoyed. Publicists and...
Kurt Wagner and his sizeable Nashville outfit have simultaneously released these albums, a call and response, Awcmon and...
There have been plenty of approaches to hip hop jazz, from Stetsasonic's Talkin All That Jazz (which, let's face it, didn't have much to do...
A wide regional variety of talent from the UK hip hop label's finest.
Treva's debut casts its net far and wide, but does is it suceed in creating new memories or just relive old ones?
Toddler investigates Manchester's foray into bimma-shaking grime.
Assured delivery puts less versatile MCs to shame, demonstrating a sharp range of styles, an acute knowledge of hip hop history and some impressive lyrical stunts.
A carefully picked crop of EP and album tracks showing the range and depth of one of the UK's leading hip hop outfits.
The second avant-rap political extravaganza from Nephilim Modulation Systems will either irritate or involve depending how much you like “apocalyptic dark and gloomy shit”... or Michael Moore.
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