Welcome to Spannered’s music feature and review archive. What’s in here then? Well, since the site was launched in 2006, Spannered has run in-depth interviews with globetrotting tastemakers Kode9DJ Ripley and Maga Bo, tripped over to Barcelona's Sónar festival, fallen over at the first ever Bloc Weekend, toured New York's global music circuit and gotten tinnitus in Bristol and São Paulo.
Spannered's archive stretches all the way back to 2000, however. Have a dig about and you'll unearth interviews and features with Jeff Mills and Photek, write-ups of Cat Power and Caribou gigs, and album reviews spanning Aphex Twin to NoMeansNo.
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Deep Sea Diver opens this album with a collection of submerged, static drones and muffled vocals reminiscent of Can’s Future...
Afro-French hip hop outfit La Cedille's debut communicates a devoted belief in music and language.
Martial drumming, huge, pulsating waves of melody and brazen disregard for your eardrums. Yes, Jaga are now a post-rock outfit.
Unmissable compilation showcasing Jamaica's new roots sound which eschews modern dancehall’s materialism and the trinity of guns, girls and ganja for more spiritual values.
Okay, I should begin by admitting that I really loved the soporific, heartbroken country of Beck’s last album Seac...
Richard Bold envelops himself in the haunting world of Slint guitarist Dave Pajo's debut solo album.
Piercingly beautiful feral folk music, but are CocoRosie quite as original as they'd like to be?
Treva's debut casts its net far and wide, but does is it suceed in creating new memories or just relive old ones?
Toddler investigates Manchester's foray into bimma-shaking grime.
Skalpel tackle the difficult second album with a distinct change of tack.
Jamie Lidell: a bit of an enigma wrapped up in a conumdrum, one might say if one was prone to spouting such shite. As the one half of...
The first instalment of Run the Road last year brought the urgent, abrasive sound of grime to the attention...
Bob Marley sang of the music which he popularised around the world that “we feel it in the one drop”. His term is now used to describe...
When is an orchestra not an orchestra? Why does ambient music suck? How many packs of Haribo can a hypoglaecemic eat before dying?
Anyone familiar with the big crunch theory? The one where the decreasing thrust of the big bang combined with ever present gravity means that, one...
Snares continues to show the electronic music world who's boss and grimly reaps where no man has reaped before.
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