Welcome to Spannered’s music feature and review archive. What’s in here then? Well, since the site was launched in 2006, Spannered has run in-depth interviews with globetrotting tastemakers Kode9DJ Ripley and Maga Bo, tripped over to Barcelona's Sónar festival, fallen over at the first ever Bloc Weekend, toured New York's global music circuit and gotten tinnitus in Bristol and São Paulo.
Spannered's archive stretches all the way back to 2000, however. Have a dig about and you'll unearth interviews and features with Jeff Mills and Photek, write-ups of Cat Power and Caribou gigs, and album reviews spanning Aphex Twin to NoMeansNo.
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Surgeon describes his third album as being 'very heavy, direct and physical' — just what you'd expect from a record titled Body Request
Making waves with rattling rimshots and gargantuan bass, Cologne resident Burnt Friedman (aka Bernd Friedmann) has been shaking up dub-wise sensi-bilities with an album recorded at a secret hideaway off the New Zealand coast
You don't need to be a clued-up-to-the-eyeballs junglist to realise the extent of Certificate 18's influence in the evolution of drum 'n' bass – the label that introduced the world to Photek, Digital and Source Direct
Luke Vibert gets cheese caught in his goatee as he goes head to head with celebrated pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole on a collaborative album project. Hawaiian hip hop anyone?
Mention 'tribal techno' and it won't be long before the name Oliver Ho crops up. Yet his artistic agenda has always been much broader, as Overload discovered during this interview back in 2000
There is a grouping of ex-rock terrorists who, while largely ignored by the media and left out of musical fashions, have remained perhaps England's...
From humble studio tea-boy beginnings, to nineties techno phenomena The Advent, Cisco Ferreira has been a driving force behind dance music production for well over a decade. He's experienced the whole freakshow, and enjoyed every minute of it — well, not quite... Following a logical spilt from long-term gigging partner Colin McBean, Cisco Ferreira turns down the mixing desk and lets off some steam for Overload Media
Theresa Green journeys to the UK Westcountry to meet Jamie Anderson, the man behind Bristol's budding Artform label
Clear was one of the most respected imprints for electro-funk and emotive electronica during the nineties, releasing material by Plaid, Jedi Knights, Dr Rockit, Metamatics and Morgan Geist, among others. Then silence
Dave Stelfox braves a chilly Brighton seafront to put questions to Ian Simmonds about his Juryman album, The Hill
Athens, Georgia is a town often associated with the indie-pop melodies of REM, but it also happens to be home to one of techno’s most promising new talents
I didn’t set out to find information on nano-technology and atom bomb physics, but when I entered the word ‘subhead’ into a search...
Since its inception almost ten years ago, Lost - run by Steve Bicknell and partner Sheree Rashit - has become one of the longest running and globally influential events in the techno calendar, pioneering the deep percussive sound from which much of the music within today’s scene derives
REM may be the biggest musical export of Athens, Georgia, but over the last decade Stewart Walker has been putting the town on the electronic music map with his deeply hypnotic techno productions
Over half a decade has passed since the first release on James Ruskin’s Blueprint. In that time, he and Oliver Ho, the two artists to record...
From breakneck-speed beats and bass to emotive ambience within the space of one release, this imprint boasts a level of artistic freedom that most...
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