Welcome to Spannered’s music feature and review archive. What’s in here then? Well, since the site was launched in 2006, Spannered has run in-depth interviews with globetrotting tastemakers Kode9DJ Ripley and Maga Bo, tripped over to Barcelona's Sónar festival, fallen over at the first ever Bloc Weekend, toured New York's global music circuit and gotten tinnitus in Bristol and São Paulo.
Spannered's archive stretches all the way back to 2000, however. Have a dig about and you'll unearth interviews and features with Jeff Mills and Photek, write-ups of Cat Power and Caribou gigs, and album reviews spanning Aphex Twin to NoMeansNo.
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Love the smell of warm vinyl in the morning? Russ Parsons, co-founder of London's Uncharted Audio imprint, talks to Spannered about his fondness of the black stuff and of the label's current Signals project
Hot on the heels of his blistering mix, Então Tome! Feira Livre Vol. 1, Spannered interviews Brazilian DJ and music researcher DJ Paulão
NYC's global music circuit may lack the hyperactivity of its jazz scene, but there are plenty of treats to be had, says Martin Longley
Martin Longley reports from NYC on the acts who have been shaking up the city's jazz clubs in recent months
Martin Longley takes in skewed country, intensoid rock'n'roll, showbiz surf, all-nite Senegal and pumping New Orleans street bands in his final report of 2007 from New York's live music circuit
Trickling minimalism from China's Tan Dun and the strange tones of Harry Partch's quadrangularis reversum fill Martin Longley's ears during his latest foray into NYC's experimental music scene
As part of his research on ‘globalist’ DJs, Camilo Rocha interviews maverick DJ, producer, blogger and radio presenter, Jace Clayton
Brazilian journalist Camilo Rocha interviews much-in-demand DJ/producer Diplo about his musical ties with global subcultures
For his article on ‘globalist DJs’ for Brazil’s most influential newspaper, Camilo Rocha interviews ethnomusicologist, blogger and DJ Wayne Marshall
Camilo Rocha interviews Rio-based DJ/producer and music researcher Maga Bo for the fourth in a series of interviews exploring ‘globalist DJs’
Spannered's man in New York, Martin Longley, takes in a dizzying array of jazz acts and clubs during the first month of 2008
Spannered's Martin Longley sates his appetite for blues with a gig-going spree spanning both sides of the Atlantic
Electro-acoustic fireworks, headbanging afrobeat, Philippine gongs, New York jazz and a hearty dose of Zappa. Gig addict Martin Longley takes a springtime trek around his home turf
Topical performance art, a new Philip Glass production and some very big lungs greet Spannered's Martin Longley on his return to New York
Laurent Fintoni takes a deep breath and dives into the world of bass operator Paul Rose, aka Scuba, the man behind the ever-evolving Hotflush label
Martin Longley, Spannered's intrepid NYC correspondent, encounters tasteful bossa, post-bop and performance art jazz scores when he sets out for some sax in the city
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