Welcome to Spannered’s music feature and review archive. What’s in here then? Well, since the site was launched in 2006, Spannered has run in-depth interviews with globetrotting tastemakers Kode9DJ Ripley and Maga Bo, tripped over to Barcelona's Sónar festival, fallen over at the first ever Bloc Weekend, toured New York's global music circuit and gotten tinnitus in Bristol and São Paulo.
Spannered's archive stretches all the way back to 2000, however. Have a dig about and you'll unearth interviews and features with Jeff Mills and Photek, write-ups of Cat Power and Caribou gigs, and album reviews spanning Aphex Twin to NoMeansNo.
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Warp said the Ocean Club had a most impressive sound system and if they say that, it must be bloody amazing, recalling a night they played in...
Al Fresco surfaces from a night out in Bristol with sore ears and a bout of decompression sickness.
Kone-R reports back on the sights and sounds of the 14th annual festival of advanced music and multimedia art.
Bring the noise! Martin Longley catches Sonic Youth's ever-youthful Thurston Moore in New York at the recent showcase gig for his Ecstatic Peace! imprint.
A temporary desert city with 50,000 citizens and ubiquitous sound systems. Greg Scruggs reflects on the sun, sand and sensory overload of Burning Man 2010.
Greg Scruggs reports on the socio-economic parallels and maximal house beats of 2011's Creamfields Brasil, held on the island paradise of Florianópolis.
From Cuban nostalgia to avant rock weirdness, the peripheral jazz zones of Gent Jazz Festival give Martin Longley much to reflect on in his second round-up of 2008's event.
Martin Longley travels to the cobblestone streets of Gent, Belgium for a historical tour of jazz's journey from bebop to fusion.
Martin Longley pulls together highlights from the recent NYC fest thrown by Lisbon's forward-looking jazz label, Clean Feed.
The gibbon-limbed protagonist of the self-mocking rock'n'roller canon continues to defecate on the carcass of stadium rock from the lofty heights of his stepladder.
Debashish Bhattacharya, slide guitar guru and preserver of the ancient Indian classical system, touches down in York with his arsenal of customised axes.
'The band reinventing dance music' and the 'Chas & Dave of Rave' together under one roof? Kone-R heads out in west London.
Opportunities are rare enough to witness a fully jangling gamelan array (outside of Indonesia, of course), but to hear this ornate collection...
What do you do when a Lisbon-dwelling Cape Verdean makes her Brazilian debut? Send along a Brummie to cover it, of course...
Via Funchal is one of São Paulo's leading large-scale venues, like unto Brixton Academy in its steadily sloping gradient and wide-angle...
Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour are now on 'friendly' terms, although they still aren't exactly sleeping together. Ties with Richard Wright have...
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