Bass Clef
In The Echo Chamber
Posted by rdva
on 5 January 2010 (18:14:27)
Posted by to hot
on 4 June 2009 (18:18:42)
just nice minimal drums and bass with the occasional vocal drifting in, summer tunes!
Posted by artchoke
on 29 February 2008 (18:27:31)
Mighty stuff!
Posted by Melissa Gonzales
on 2 July 2010 (18:12:24)
A TREAT! :))))
Posted by Paleface
on 16 May 2008 (15:39:31)
aye, super goodness!
Bass Clef's legendary live decks 'n' theremin mix, featuring 62 dub and bashment flavas
"Here's a 62-track/66-minute live decks & theremin mix I made of early digidub/bashment/dub/Firehouse Crew type stuff. Converted into ones & zeros by thee mighty Gutta (thanks mate!)"
Bass Clef

  • King Tubby — Rude Boy Version
  • Sly & Lenky — Lock The City
  • Dave Lindsay — Life Over Death
  • Worries & Beeper — Black Ice
  • Jazzwad — Version
  • Outlaw Candy — Rolling Thunder
  • Classical People — Star Wars Riddim
  • Demolition Man — Salvation Riddim
  • Lenky 2010 — Riddim
  • Salaam Remi — Metric Riddim
  • Genus— Thief Version
  • Artwork — Rolex Riddim
  • Togetherness Crew — Timebomb
  • The Bug — Boom Version
  • Mafia & fluxy — Version
  • Suku — Riot Version
  • Cameron & Malvo — Hypie Typie
  • Lenky — Bubble Up
  • Rooche — Tundra Riddim
  • Frenchie — Fire Version
  • Shocking Vibes Crew — Version
  • Razor Sound — Rumours Version
  • Simple Simon & Wayne Hussey— Let The Weed Grow
  • Bushman — Light It Up
  • Delly Ranks — Gimme Di Weed
  • Powerman — Chronic Mountain
  • Bertlan Caster — High Grad
  • Azolade & Hollow — Under Mi Sensi
  • Delly Ranks — Drain Food
  • South Rakkas Crew — Clappas Version
  • Yellowman — Sensemilia
  • Crime Stoppa — Don’t Touch Crack
  • Sinbad — Gallery Version
  • Reggaemuffin — Version
  • Mafia & Fluxy — Version
  • Leroy Smart — Rockfort Version
  • Noel Davy — Sleng Version
  • Victor Lindsay — Chicken Dub
  • King Jammy — Cellular Riddim
  • Bunny Lee — Badman Version
  • P Burrell — Version
  • Andre “Suku” Gray — Sign Rhythm
  • The Bug — Fire Version
  • Frenchie — The Ice
  • Harvel Hart — Human Version
  • S Johnson — Sim Card
  • Firehouse Crew — Success Riddim
  • Left Side — Martial Arts Rhythm
  • Noel Parks — Outer Space
  • Hot Ice Crew — Dangerbuss Riddim
  • Roy Francis — Highway 95 Rhythm
  • Colin Fatta — Penicillin
  • M Campbell — Freak Side Riddim
  • Mafia & Fluxy — Manslaughter
  • Shocking Vibes Crew — Version Beetlejuice
  • Chesse Roots — Rambo Gun Salute
  • Admiral Tibet — We A Go Wang Them
  • Doggie — Rude Boy Business
  • Cocoa T — Asking For Clash
  • Conroy Smith — Original Sound
  • Gregory Peck — Pack Up Your Sound
  • Antony “Red” Rose — Tempa
  • Stereophonic — Version Black Panther
  • Basque Dub Foundation — Melodica Fire
  • King Tubby — Harder Dub

 Listen to Bass Clef's Son of Echo Chamber mix
 Read Spannered's interview with Bass Clef

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