For Dog Faces Only
Posted by fxfx
on 7 April 2007 (22:30:07)
Is this mix has been taken down or something? I can't seem to download, even stream for seconds and i want to listen to this very bad.
Posted by fxfx
on 7 April 2007 (22:09:23)
Is this mix has been taken down or something? I can't seem to download, even stream for seconds and i want to listen to this very bad.
Posted by skunklover
on 5 January 2008 (09:31:31)
quality and thanks very much
Posted by stylsdvs
on 3 March 2007 (00:09:01)
Posted by rezo
on 17 March 2007 (16:28:52)
the last mix i've listened to with the names from the dubstep scene was fine too, but in this its all crossed over finally, you can get the pulse either the deepness of the sick deep basses someday we will see 3000 people in an arena just stop ravin just bouncin their head and keepin their faces very seroius :DD
Posted by Phil Pickton
on 1 March 2007 (19:42:01)
Agreed. Best mix since Food For Thought. Get in
Posted by Rupert
on 1 March 2007 (02:21:49)
One of the best mixes I've heard from the mighty Sturgeon in many years. Thanking you Spannered.
A lesson in musical intensity, direct and exclusive from techno pioneer Anthony Child
Fresh from remixing Thom Yorke and ripping up club nights in São Paulo, sushi fan and globe-trotting techno legend Surgeon has kindly put together this splendid mix for Spannered. It's 'trippy, mostly broken new stuff and a few old bits', he tells us. Well, after numerous rotations we can honestly say that it's deeper than the Mariana Trench and heavier than a swimming pool full of osmium. Enjoy.
  • Ed Chamberlain — Trapese
  • Go Hiyama — Unreleased
  • Scion — Emerge (BMB remix2)
  • Anstam — Aeto_b
  • DJ Hell — Totmacher
  • Add Noise — Handwerk
  • Basic Channel — Enforcement (Mills mix)
  • Inigo Kennedy — Aching To Get Beneath
  • Kraddy — New World Empire (DiskChordians remix)
  • Radial — Premium
  • Oscar Mulero — Baskerbill's Dog (Regis remix)
  • Blackham — The Crusade
  • Warlock — TV controls your mind
  • Ed Chamberlain — Resistant
  • ScanOne — Trotter
  • Surgeon — Floorshow 1.1
  • Makaton — 41_43
  • Inigo Kennedy — Kaleidoscope
  • Jeff Mills —Humana
  • Monolake — Alaska (Substance remix2)
  • The DiskChordians — M-329 Class A
  • Ed Chamberlain — Charley
  • Go Hiyama — LisB
  • Anstam — Aeto_a
  • Ed Chamberlain — Does Ape
  • Joey Beltram — Drome

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