Spannered Oddcast #6
A Room With a View
Posted by Heidi
on 8 April 2008 (16:30:11)
fantastic selection.
Posted by Iain Tatam
on 31 March 2008 (14:27:49)
Not been on this site before - but that's a quality mix - thanks for putting it up. I'm working from home for a few months, so I'm thinking this site is going to be a good friend to me.
Posted by Blakez
on 26 May 2008 (22:50:02)
Great, thanks!
Posted by may
on 11 December 2009 (13:00:39)
just passing by and say hi to james! ready to listen the mix from BCn may
Spannered's sixth Oddcast is a rich mix of folk, Latin, hip hop, indie and electronica woven together by Mys-Elf, organiser of London's Guerrilla Zoo parties
A warm welcome to James Elphick, aka Mys-Elf, art director and organiser of London's heady Guerilla Zoo events, and sonic conjurer behind the sixth instalment of Spannered's Oddcast series.
Entitled A Room With a View, Oddcast #6 slides, drifts, hops and chops between sublime electronica, infectious folk-rock, Latin rhythms, crackly cinematic samples and queasy instrumental hip hop; we've had it on heavy rotation since he sent it in to us (we particularly recommend it for long train journeys across the UK, accompanied by a four pack of Guinness). If you're feeling the boy's style, we recommend you head on over to his MurdochSpace page and check out his tunes too.
Guerrilla Zoo is a London-based art/music/performance collective, featuring a slew of cool bands, live artists and performance acts from around the capital. For more info on forthcoming events and other mischief they're getting up to, check the site here.
Tracklisting (*** denotes unknown trackname):
  • Controller 7 — The World Outside My Door
  • Controller 7 — Test #4
  • The White Stripes — Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
  • Amon Tobin — Horsefish
  • The Mars Volta — Con Safo
  • The Chamber Brothers — Love, Peace and Happiness
  • Centepede — Clover.Come Together
  • Con Julian y Sucombo — Enyere Kumbara
  • Palmelra - Tapa Jos
  • 1, R, P, 3  — Tema de Soninha
  • Seguida Mam Bo — Rock
  • The Mars Volta — Day of the Baphomets ? (edit)
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez — Deus Ex Machina
  • The Buena Vista Social Club / Vieha Trova Santiaguera — El Tren
  • Cunninlynguists — Where Will You Be
  • Emperor Penguin — Burnt Sienna and Avocado
  • Emperor Penguin — Mood Mound
  • Controller 7 — Follow The Light
  • Diplo — AEIOU (edit) ***
  • Oh No Stomp — That
  • Diplo & System D128 — Kill Yourself Mix (edit) ***
  • Amon tobin — Big Furry Head
  • NIN — Me I'm Not
  • Wagon Christ — Boney L
  • J Dilla — People
  • Matisyahu — Shalom-Saalam
  • Grizzly Bear — Easier
  • Sufjan Stevens — Kaskaskia River / Vivian
  • Ladytron — CMYK
  • Controller 7 — Imagination Cycle
  • Squarepusher — Radio 1 Breezeblock Session (edit) ***
  • Mars Volta — Asilos Magdalena
  • Bjork — Earth Intruders (Endtro edit) / Amon Tobin — Horsefish
  • Surjan Stevens — For The Window In Paradise
  • Electric Light Orchestra — Fire On High (reverse edit)
  • Manitoba — Crayon
  • Aphex Twin — Nannou
  • Felix La Band — track ? ***
  • Coco Rosie — Hairnet Paradise

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