Spannered's radio section contains a truckload of DJ mixes and live sets recorded exclusively for the site, plus vintage gig recordings from artists such as Filastine, Vex'd and Surgeon. There are also hard-to-find tracks to download — and don't forget to check Mago Bo's Sambacana Brazilian Music Archive too! And now you can also subscribe to all of Spannered Radio as a podcast.
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Grimey beats hovering around the 140 bpm mark, dashed with Nepali lok pop and 8-bit mentalism
A gritty selection of electro, techno dubstep and breaks from Rag & Bone's Warlock
Recorded at Adverse Camber's 4th Birthday Rites at Corsica Studios, London, November 2005
Dubstep-acid-breaks, with a dash of Marvin Gaye
A fast-paced mix of electro, dubstep, hip hop, reggae, garage and electronica
Transparent Sound's Orson Bramley pays his first visit to the Burning Man festival set in Black Rock City, Nevada
A short but perfectly formed mix from Tom Giles aka Clause Four
Timeblind aka Chris Sattinger takes Big Youth's classic Lightning Flash (Weak Hard Drop) and steps up the pressure with this 2006 reworking
A wonderfully mangled piece of soca/glitch idm from Timeblind aka Chris Sattinger
A mix of the hottest and hypest bashment to come out of Jamaica in 2007
95 minutes of techno-laced laptoppery, recorded live at Bristol's Trinity Centre
A lesson in musical intensity, direct and exclusive from techno pioneer Anthony Child
A darkly sculpted DJ set from Surgeon, recorded in October 2011 at Blackest Ever Black's London showcase
Unity Gain Temple vomits up a disturbing sound collage for Spannered's 9th Oddcast
Normal Oddcast service has been suspended. Your 50-minute alternate journey will be provided by DJ Bus Replacement Service with contributions from MC Toilet. It may not be going where you wish to travel
Ardisson compiles a selection of music from Bali for Spannered's seventh Oddcast
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