Nayana Fernandez

Brazilian photographer Nayana Fernandez returns to her birthplace of São Paulo.

Nayana Fernandez, who is 26 and from São Paulo, left Brazil over a decade ago. She has since lived in Cuba and Spain, and has spent the last five years living in London, where she studied photography at the London College of Printing. She is currently undertaking a degree in Contemporary Media Practice.
‘Impressions’ was created between 2004-5 in downtown São Paulo.

'Big cities fascinate me. They are composed by thousands of tiny details that are slowly added day after day, forming and transforming the identity of the place. When I am part of these transformations, it is particularly difficult to recognise them. However, when I return after time away from this environment, it is as if I have a new angle of vision, as if I had changed lenses. I feel that I am able to identify changes that go beyond the specific ones, absorbing the place more or less as a tourist, but in my own city.

Before visiting home, I have an idea in my mind of what São Paulo is and what it means to me. On arrival though, a constant mutation of these memories starts to occur, altering and mixing those previous images and feelings in with a new and fresh collection of impressions. During my last visit, which was the longest since I’d left, I felt something unusual; I was surprised at how my own image of this familiar place was changing.

This series has a very personal connotation. During the photography process I concentrated on details that now symbolise, to me, an important time of rediscovering, valuing and analysing my culture and who I am.'
Nayana Fernandez, March 2007
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Tata posted 9 March 2007 (17:16:59)
Babe it's beautiful! I love the pictures, u are so talented! Kiss.
Yho posted 9 March 2007 (16:42:51)
Me encantaron Naya, no se nada de fotografía así que un ojo crítco no te lo puedo dar pero sí que entiendo lo que dices del cambio de lente. Mis preferidas son la 9 y la 11. ¡Felicidades!
rogerioboo posted 9 March 2007 (12:37:32)
congratulations love! very nice!! my favorite one is so far the number 14!!! xxxx
Paulo Farinazzo posted 9 March 2007 (09:43:50)
the colors black and withe were the best choise to photograph São Paulo were you did a great job shaping contemporary angles congratulations Nayana!!!!
vanessa posted 9 March 2007 (08:33:06)
i really enjoy seeing your photos! congratulations naya! nice ones! take care and continue like this! xxx
Edu K posted 9 March 2007 (01:33:27)
maga bo posted 7 July 2008 (04:54:12)
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